Independence Day – What’s The Fourth Of July History, Meaning, Importance & Traditions

By | June 24, 2022

The North American continent was being ravaged by the British and French Seven-year colonial supremacy war in the 2nd half of the 18th century. The war was to dominate and control the resources of North America. Wars are costly and they almost bankrupted both the French and English Empires together. The revolutionary war of American Independence brought the English Crown to its knees and finally made them leave 13 East American Colonies Independent. The outside support from French Colonial Empire also bankrupted the French and led to a civil uprising that ended in the removal of the Royal Family from Power. Meanwhile, before moving further to the Fourth Of July History, Traditions, Meaning, and other facts, we would like to wish you all a very Happy 4th Of July 2022.

Fourth Of July History

History Of Fourth Of July

After the 7-year war between the French and British Crown to control North America, the English crown came under a lot of debt. To pay those debts English Crown forced unfair taxes on its American Colonies. These colonies were already suffering from past taxes, hunger, pandemics, and slavery. Things were not looking ideal and someone had to step up to those red coats. Elites of 13 colonies who were appointed governors and tax collectors decided to stop paying taxes. They formed an independent ruling body called the Continental Congress to address the political issues of 13 colonies. These 13 colonies were Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Virginia, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Georgia.

Delegates from those above-mentioned colonies were part of the first continental congress in 1774. It was an ideological rebellion against the British empire to gain freedom. The representatives of the congress decided to ban British Goods altogether. This was a great financial blow to the English crown’s war-bankrupted economy. From here on things were about to get violent and the revolution was about to become political. The English Crown decided to crush the rebellion by force and failed miserably. Fearing an armed uprising, Massachusetts Governor asked for reinforcements from the Crown. Crown was poor so it asked the governor to take control of weapon depot concord. The Patriots (freedom Fighters of The Revolutionary War in the United States of America) realized this and fought the colonist forces and defeated them. Later they laid siege to Boston.

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The Continental Congress knew that the revolution will get bloody and they need an army and a general to fight the mightiest empire and its forces. In the spring of 1775, The colonies raised an army under the command of George Washington to fight the war of Independence of the United States of America. Congress decided to prepare a constitution, form policies and treaties, and declare them independent from the English Crown. The drafting of the constitution was formed by Thomas Jefferson. On July 2nd, 1776 continental congress voted unanimously to declare total independence from British Imperialism. 2 days later on the 4th of July, the draft of Independence was adopted.

Under the leadership of George Washington, the United States of America fought and won the Independence. English crown was at its low after fighting with the French, Indians, and 13 colonies of the United States of America. In the Paris treaty of 1783, the British Crown Recognized the United States of America as an independent country thus concluding the war. France was the first country to give an independent recognition to the United States of America.

Importance Of Celebrating Fourth of July (USA Independence Day)

The 4th of July is the celebration of Independence of the greatest democracy on Earth. The day is commemorated to give tribute to the sacrifice of patriots and freedom fighters of Unites States of America. It is the day to remember our founding fathers of the country like George Washington (first commander in chief of the United States of America), Thomas Jefferson (who drafted the constitution of the United States of America), John Adams (leader of Continental Congress, first vice President, 2nd president of United States of America), Thomas Paine (Writer of Common sense- the first American title to advocate the Independence of USA) and many more. The day gives thanks to all the American soldiers who fought and died in service of the United States of America.

Celebratory Traditions

The celebration of Independence in the United States of America is vibrating as well as joyful. It is the greatest spectacle of the Independence Ceremony in the world. There are some traditions that follow the 4th of July weekend celebration.


After the adoption of the declaration of Independence John Adams wrote a letter to his wife Abigail. He Mentioned many things in his letter wishing about how he wanted to celebrate Independence Day. He said that it should be celebrated with pomp and parades, Guns and bells tolling, Eating and celebrating the great occasion with families. He said that the Gun Salutes and Fireworks should be heard on another end of the ocean.

His wish was respected in tradition when the first anniversary of American Independence was celebrated with 13 Gun Salutes and fireworks in PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA on July 4th, 1777. It became a tradition in the country since then and now there is a majestic, spectacular celebration with fireworks around the country. New York and New Jersey, Las Vegas, Boston, and Washington River Firework shows are some of the best 4th of July Celebration in the country. The whole world sees and hears the sound of American Independence through fireworks shows.


The colonies that were at the forefront of the Revolutionary war of the independence of America; have a great history of Independence Day parades. Boston, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC Massachusetts Parades are some of the oldest. Bands from around the country come to perform at these parades and give respect to the patriots of the USA.
Sports and other activities:

4th of July Major League baseball competitions, Swimming competitions, and pageant Competitions are held around the country as a tradition. People perform and come to watch these shows in the spirit of Freedom. Sports also represent countries at peaceful times and they are a great way to flex soft power. Fourth of July fun and games activities are also organized at the local level. Hamburger Eating competitions are also organized here on the 4th of July.

Party, Drinking, Eating

All American irrelevant of place, race, and ethnicity do organize social and neighborhood parties and celebrations on the 4th of July. They do barbeque in the backyard, listen to music and drink a lot, do dress-ups in Flag themes dresses and play games. It is a great way to have a long fun and energetic weekend with your loved ones. Hot dogs, Burgers, Apple Pie, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Smores, Grilled Pork Chips, bacon, etc. are classical 4th of July food that we eat and serve. It is summer in the USA at the time of the 4th of July so there are lots of drinking variants available on this day. Fruit cocktails are mocktails are served also. This is also good for summer refreshments.

Some 4th of July Facts:

  • 4th of July is the adoption of Resolution, not the birth of America. That happened 2 days before; the declaration was unanimously voted in the 2nd Continental Congress.
  • On the 4th we spend almost a billion-dollar on Fireworks. That’s a lot of Firepowers.
  • Two years later on the 4th of July anniversary, there was 2 times rum given to soldiers for celebration. I guess you know where the drinking tradition comes from.
  • On the 50th anniversary of Independence, 2 US presidents died in 5-hour intervals. Those were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
  • The 4th of July was not declared a federal holiday till 1870, almost a century after independence.

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