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By | June 26, 2024

4th of July Poems Speech Prayers Poetry 2024: Independence Day is a very patriotic occasion for the USA. America celebrates this event with lots of passion and excitement. On Independence Day, many patriotic events take place, and the short 4th of July Poems event is one of the best festivities among them. People sing 4th of July patriotic songs on the different celebration palace-like schools, colleges, offices, grounds, etc. to increase patriotism and love for our country. On this occasion, many poem contests are also held, and the winner gets the reward for the best patriotic 4th Of July Poems for soldiers. Independence doesn’t always cater to being free or spreading the feeling of freedom. True freedom depends upon the state of mind. Hence on this auspicious day, the citizens try to extract happiness as much as possible.

4th Of July Poems
4th Of July Poems

4th Of July Poems

4th of July Prayers: The Fourth of July is a very religious and auspicious day. Americans pray for the nation and its citizens to respect them. On this occasion, they sing the national anthem “God Bless America” and many other patriotic prayers as well to show our dedication to the nation. Happy 4th Of July Poems are sung by kids in school and other Christian people in the church. The day starts with a parade and inspirational speeches delivered by political members. Followed by the parade family reunions, parties, and baseball matches are a must.

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Ducks flyin’
over the pond,
Granny’s been drinkin’
and playin’
with her magic wand –
Horses in the
kickin’ up snow,
lookin’ at
from the 4th of July show –
Hound dawgs runnin’
at the end
of his leash,
watchin’ rabbits
just a shakin’ and bakin’
down on the beach –
Moons in the
way up high,
shines down low
agin’ in old oak barrels
nice and slow –
Goin’ ta town
in the old
Model A,
runnin’ flat out
30 miles per hour
all the way –
Hittin’ the pub
for a drink
or two,
the old bulls are milked
and the work
is all through –
Look out boys
cause where it stops
nobody knows,
down here
on the funny-farm
anything goes.

Born on fourth of July oh me oh my by Bernell Ben (Las Vegas)

Independent, a patriot not patriotic I’m TNT
oh me oh my
Gun powder is deadly I’m born on the fourth of July
I come alive when I’m exposed to heat bang boom pow
So loud I’m explosive
oh me oh my
Life as the fire cracker baby born in the eighties on the fourth of July
Lady liberty stands with tears
oh me oh my
Oh please oh why struggle pain and no wealth if I’m born on the fourth of July
My life oh please oh my so cold no smile and poverty
oh me oh my
Ghetto child born on the fourth of July
oh me oh my
My life’s a lie so much headache
oh me my life started 1985
Born on the fourth of July and still alive
oh me oh my
Born on the fourth of July still shocked
oh me oh my.

on this 4th of July
may we fly our flag proud and high
and may we always be true
to that good old red, white, and blue
and may the bells of liberty ring
as the STAR SPANGLED BANNER, we sing
and as fireworks light up the night sky
may we remember why
so many brave men had to fight and die
and thankful we must be
because freedom is not free
and as long as the Statue of Liberty stands
proud and tall
may there be liberty and justice for all?

4th of July Speech

Fourth of July is an excellent event in the USA. On this day many speech festivities take place in the school, govt. palace, public palace, celebration place, etc. The president of America “addresses the nation” at this event with a patriotic speech. Many politicians and social workers also deliver patriotic 4th Of July Speeches. And many speech contests also took place in this great event, and the winner also got a reward for it.

Fourth of July is an excellent event in the USA. On this day many speech festivities take place in the school, gov.palace, public palace, and celebration place, etc. The president of America “addresses the nation” on this event with a patriotic speech. Many politicians and social workers also deliver patriotic speeches. And many speech contests also took palace in this great event, and the winner also gets a reward for it.

On July 5, 1852, Douglass gave a speech at an event commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence, held at Rochester’s Corinthian Hall. It was biting oratory, in which the speaker told his audience, “This Fourth of July is yours, not mine.

independence day is a very enthusiastic and patriotic festival in America. On this day poet, kids present much beautiful patriotic poetry. These kinds of poetry events take place in school, college, and celebration stage. Many contests also take palace in this festival, and people show passion and excitement in this.

4th of July Christian Poems: Most of Americans citizen are Christian in religion, this kind of poem has specific importance in their life. people of the USA present patriotic Christian song on this day in the celebration palace but especially in church.

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4th Of July Songs For Kids

Independence Day is a golden opportunity to show our affection and patriotism to the motherland. Children also participate in this great event with lots of passion and enthusiasm. Kids sang patriotic 4th Of July Songs and poems on this occasion and also took part in the contest. Children sing patriotic songs to increase their nationhood and patriotism. Let us just count the hours before the holy sun rises tomorrow to spread the feeling which caters around nationhood.

  1. Key ‘America’ Lyric: “And I got my hands up / They’re playin’ my song / I know I’m gonna be ok / Yeah, it’s a party in the USA”
  2. Key ‘America’ Lyric: “My country is of thee / Sweet land of kill em all and let em die / God Bless America / this ol’ godless America”
  3. Key ‘America’ Lyric: “We made it in America / I pledge allegiance to my grandma / For that banana pudding, our piece of Americana / Our apple pie was supplied through Arm & Hammer / Straight out the kitchen / Shh, don’t wake Nana!”
  4. Key ‘America’ Lyric: “Living in America – hand to hand, across the nation Living in America /, got to have a celebration… / You might not be looking for the promised land, but you might find it anyway”

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